Who has the DRC tailight and flasher setup???

which DRC tailight goes on the S model the easiest..the metal bracket one or the plastic one?...also who has the flashers that go with it and do they work ok or do I need to buy the wiring kit with it or the relay...thx

isn't there a DRZ model for the DRC in the pulldown menu?

there has been some threads posted on this topic. do a search for DRC.

they discontinued the metal bracket the plastic is what you'll get.

I got one for my DRZ, it was a universal as I was not able to find a DRZ specific unit. It takes a lot of cutting to get it to fit, but you are cutting plastic so it is easy. I am cheap and used the stock turn signals. And yeah, I would post pics, but I am not smart enough to do that here. I have a pic on supermotojunkie.com.


DRC Edge2 & DRC Flush signals fitted on a '05 SM


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