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Burned please help

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I have a 2000 YZ426F. I did the BK mod and cleaned the carb, it was really nasty. I had a 162 jet in there before I did the mod, but it backfired pretty often, so I don't know if that was the correct size to begin with.

After doing the BK mod, it stated that you'd need to go richer on your jetting so I went to 165 and then 168. My only problem is that now I have a hanging idle issue. I tried adjusting the fuel screw and that did nothing. It doesn't back fire now and it runs great other than the idle. I checked my cables and everything is functioning correctly.

If I did not have the hanging idle everything would be fine. I've checked and checked everything like the accelerator pump being in correctly and that type of stuff.

What should I do? :thumbsup:

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