Steve Hengeveld may race in Australia

An Aussie winning in Baja sure with the right riders and commitment. It won't happen overnight. Same for an American winning the Finke. So what is your point?

Like was said earlier in this thread.....

Regardless of what he rides, Steve will be decently prepared and you know he'll have a fun time, win or not.....Sure he's fast, but he might not win. It's hard to beat locals in their own back yard.

Racing over there was a great opportunity for Steve. More power to him.

A small crew of Aussies come over to race the Baja 500 and get in the top 10 OA in their 1st attempt?? Maybe, maybe not. Win it, no freekin' way in multiple years of trying.

Toady an American has already won the Finke on a super dooper cr500 in 96.

You where always going to be right Baja Bounder the guy rocks.

When my girlfriends eldest boy is old enough to get a race licence for the SCORE races we will come over and maybe do a Baja 500 and then the 1000 if we don't screw up the 500 too badly.

We would like to ride these events just hoping to finish inside the required time and trying to not get run over by the trophy trucks,repeat we are not going to be competitive just want the experience and do some video to show the grand kids and stuff.

Be trackside at the supercross go to the brickyard watch the AMA outdoor Nats that sort of holiday.

He is 14 soon and i don't know how old or young a competitor has to be.

I think it is 16 but am not sure so it will be 2 or 3 yrs time.

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