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Hi guys :confused:

I was wondreing when changing the oil do you have to start the bike up and warm. I know you have to when checking th level but i just want to change it. :bonk:

Also i have an 06yz250 and the manual says to only add 750ml. That doesnt sound like much.

All help appreciated :thumbsup::thumbsup:

It doesnt matter if its warm or not to change it, and put in whatever the manual says.

750ml is the correct amount. I don't start my bike up before chaning the oil, I just change it.

I would start the bike up when you change the oil. It helps get all the oil out of the engine so its doesnt build up.

You start the engine so that it stirs up any deposits that might have settled. 750ml is plenty seeing as it is only lubricating the tranny.

yeah like above, start and then drain it, plus it will come out faster

I never start the bike to change the trans oil. I try to change the oil right after riding but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. Just pull the plug and let it drain overnight and then put fresh fluid back in. I use ATF and like it. Many have switched over and like it too. :thumbsup:

Yes, ATF runs great.

I warm it up so the oil flows out faster.

I run the bike just prior, so the heavy contaminate particles which have settled get suspended in the oil. Then, drain quickly.

I've always used the 80W cycle-specific gear oil and have never had a problem with it.

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