Red hot pipe??

I started my bike tonight to make sure everything was looking good for the race tomarrow, and the pipe was glowing red right by the exhaust flange? Whats up with this? :thumbsup:

It's fine

It happens on every bike. Since there was no airflow on the exhaust header it had nothing to cool it down, so it just got hot. It's normal, don't worry about it.

Thanks :thumbsup: for the quick response. I wasn't sure never happened to me before.

It's air cooled.

Its always that hot, you just never noticed before because it was in daylight.

wrooster would have given you the ThumperFaq link right about now if he was still around :thumbsup:

Now you can take a deep breath & start to breath normally again. :thumbsup:

Hah someone needs to make a stickey explaining why headers turn red hott when idleing for long period of time. for as much as this is asked in a month, it should happen.

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