Flat tires and really loose spokes after ride????

Last weekend I went for my first ride at a real motocross track. I was riding harder than I ever have before but I'm pretty much a novice so I don't think I was riding past the limits of the bike. However, the next day when I went to clean up my bike, I had two flat tires, really loose spokes and wobbly rims (I can't tell yet if they're bent). Ok, so I flat-landed a few big (at least they were big for me) jumps but are the stock rims really that weak? Are aftermarket rims recommended? If so, which ones?

Now the real mystery - I know that my tires were filled to 13psi the night before the ride. I just removed the wheels and filled up the tubes to find the punctures and there ARE NONE!!!! The valves are fine but nonetheless, the tires were flat! How's that?

Could be leaking out of the valve core. But im not sure. mine did the same thing. and for next time, check your spokes before you ride and your rims wont get all messed up when you ride.

they do that once in a while after a hard landing..un explainable..but the reason ur spoke got crappy iss because u rode on flats, that ruins spokes and rims in no time

You don't need aftermarket wheels.

Did you actually remove the tube from the tire/wheel to check it? If not, it will seal against the inside of the tire until you ride the bike, then it will go flat again.

If it were my bike, I would remove the tires, replace the tubes, replace the rim strips(at least check them), tighten the spokes properly, and put everything back together. Riding on a flat usually trashes the rim strip and tube.

The bike will loosen the spokes for the first few rides. Check them often. When you remove your tire to fix the flats, replace the stock paper thin tubes with heavy duty ones (there are many available) , and throw the rim strap on the scrap pile. True your wheels with the tire off the rim, and use good quality duct tape in place of the rim strap. Cut out the holes for the rim lock and valve stem with a razor blade. These bikes will pinch flat the tubes because they are so thin and the duct tape adds some tension to the spoke heads and protects the tube better than a rim strap. Once seated the wheels will stay true until you really pound them in heavy rock riding. :thumbsup:

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