Flat tires and really loose spokes after ride????

Last weekend I went for my first ride at a real motocross track. I was riding harder than I ever have before but I'm pretty much a novice so I don't think I was riding past the limits of the bike. However, the next day when I went to clean up my bike, I had two flat tires, really loose spokes and wobbly rims (I can't tell yet if they're bent). Ok, so I flat-landed a few big (at least they were big for me) jumps but are the stock rims really that weak? (Honda CRF250X). Are aftermarket rims pretty much a necessity for anyone who jumps? If so, which ones?

Now the real mystery - I know that my tires were filled to 13psi the night before the ride. I just removed the wheels and filled up the tubes to find the punctures and there ARE NONE!!!! The valves are also fine but nonetheless, the tires were flat! How's that? :thumbsup:

the honda rims are flimsy pieces of shit. i have hops in mine and i check air pressure before every ride. i also keep my spokes tensioned. they just suck. :thumbsup:

I've ridden my bike for over a year and a half and have not had a flat with my 250x. You might have a slow leak in the tubes or the valve stems. You can check with some soapy water - works better than just plain water.

The stock rims are perfectly fine for 90% of riders and the other 10% are hard core racers or those who have to have bling. The issue is your spokes were not tight to start with. Jumping loosens them the fastest of anything. Any riding will loosen them over time, but motocross tracks have the most compression of the rims then others. Your rims are wobbling because when the spokes are loose they became untrue. I would guess they are probably not bent, or you would be able to see the bend in the rim not just the curve. They are untrue and will pull back into alignment. You will have to make a jig, or have it trued at a shop. Then buy a Fasst Torque wrench and keep your spokes torqued regularly. I tried the "pinging" method and thought it was done right until I put the torque wrench on them. I immediately found out my ability to properly torque based on the sound, and everyone else who used my torque wrench pretty much sucked. They will stretch a little, but then you will notice they will stay tight for quite a while.

Replace the tube/tire (whatever you need to), check the tire pressure, tighten all the spokes, (make sure the spokes and tire pressure stay good), and get the wheel to some one to make sure its true.

Welcome to the world of pinch flats.

Did you put air in the tube while it was off of the rim?

Look for a pair of "snake bits" on the sidewall of the tube.

1) Get a heavy duty tube.

2) Tighten the spokes on a regular basis. Otherwise, you will be shopping for new rims and possibly a new hub. Find someone that knows what they are doing to snug up the spokes, then do it after every ride for a while. I've read complaints about the CRF250X spokes. Those who check them regularly, don't have problems. Those who don't break spokes and rims.

3) Pull off the rubber rim strip and run tape around the center to prevent spokes from poking the tube. Some people use Duct tape, others use electrical tape.

I had major trouble with the rear spokes on my X and I don't MX it,just enduros and trail riding. I eventually gave up and had the rear laced with heavy duty spokes with the splined nipples. No problems since. :thumbsup:

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