Silver Creek and Daniels Ridge mx?

I used to ride Silver Creek alot until I got a job and their hours changed. They told me they wouldnt be open on Sunday anymore. Has that changed? I really like that track but i work saturdays now and have no way of finding out when they are open

Also, gimme the low down on Daniels Ridge. I havnt ridden there but i've ridden CRMX, Parker Valley, Silver Creek, and Thunder Valley and I clear mostly everything expept some triples on all the tracks. How crowded does this place get and what kinda track is it, and what obstacles does it have.

DRidge is ok a +30/+35 vet A rider and its pretty good. Red clay nice jumps, flat turns . silly woop section . Track use to split and you had two options at a big jump ...always did the right side . I have been racing in NC SC for 30 yrs if you need any other info send me a note maybe we can ride some time . My boys are on 85 super mini and 50 pro sr

Is there any track around here at all. Like within an hour and a half that is more supercross (an actualy set of whoops, rythym section, and stuff) but not really really technical so its good for any level rider

and one that isnt super crowded?

I rode my streetbike out to silver creek to see how the track looked. It had been bad the last few times I was there: just a whole lot of small beginner jumps all tightly packed in a little area, totally gay. but they are working on the place, I have some hope for the track now...maybe it will be fun when they get done.

Of course it is dry as a bone like everywhere right now, but the good news is that a guy who builds good tracks is supposed to come in , possibly next week, and start changing some stuff around. a cool section is almost done in the back: in a spot where there was just a little berm followed by a gay little beginner downhill triple, you now go all the way to the top of the hill, then turn and jump back down. The elevation change alone should make it interesting

really, this track just needs to lose all of the lame 65cc jumps, make it so that slower riders can double and faster ones can triple, maybe put extensions on the tabletops, etc. i suggested all of this to thye owner, who is puttintg big $$ into the place, and he seemed very receptive.

the bottom line is that the track still sucks as of right now but it is moving in the right direction and the owner is interested in creating a track that will draw riders, be fun, challenging and semi safe...

hrs are wed 5-dark (i think)

and switching back to sunday, noon to 5 or something like that

hey now. I like that downhill Its fun for the average rider like me. I do wish the rest of the track had bigger jumps and was more challenging though.

thanks for the info. though.

Ive always thought I could jump off of that tabletop onto that single hump thing they had,if that turn wasnt so close id go for it but theres no way you would get stopped in time to turn,,(if youre standing at bottom of track it would be on the left side up on that little hill),,,,JC

whipit1k has more than likely thought the same,,,

yeah I have definately looked at those two jumps and thought how coool it would be to hit both, it would not be that hard land right in the middle of them unless you jam on the brakes and slow down to a crawl. the track is super boring and totally beginner oriented as it sits but I hope they change it around and make it good because the guy is putting $$ into the facility and wants to draw some riders

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