Your Opinion on a 94 300 exc

Is a 94 300 exc hard to find parts for? Any major problems/issues with that year....?

2002 and older 2-strokes tend to be priced a bit higher in Calif than the rest of the USofA because of the "green sticker" rule...

Since my bike budget is a bit tighter than expected (dam house repairs) I thought this might be a good deal

though I haven't seen it in person yet, hope to on looks good in the photos...owner said the photos were taken just yesterday.

I'm 46, started riding on dirt as a kid, but been only riding street (sport bike) the last 10-years, haven't ridden dirt in a long long time, but really want to get back into it...was going to pick-up an 01 RM250 for about the same price but someone just beat me to it..(thought with a few mods (like heavier flywheel, hand guards...) that wouldn't be a bad dirt bike)

I don't need the fastest/lightest/trickest bike out fast days are behind me..just looking for a fun dirt bike....will be riding places like clear creek, Hollister, Carniege.....and maybe before the end of the year try an enduro or Hare Scrambles just for the fun of it....


Probably no more difficult to get parts for than any other 1994 dirt bike. The price thing is regional. The price isn't a steal, but isn't too far out of line. Guys I know in Cal usually end up paying a premium over the rest of the US. Sorry I don't have info when the motors changed. Seems line 98-02 were similar. There's sites where you can see online microfiche stuff and that gives an indication if you don't mind searching much.

I like my '00 300 alot.

Buying used like this, theres a whole lot to worry about that you won't see on the first visit.

Some things I would do at the site visit:

show up early and have them start it - shouldn't take much to get it going. Mine is 2nd kick. After you ride it, ask if you can do a compression check (probably not necessary, if the top end really is new) was it new rings or piston and rings. if just rings see if they'll let you take the header off to see if the piston is scored. When running, put the crank case tube in a glass of water and rev it. If it bubbles it has a right crank side seal leak. Has the kick start been eaten through by the foot peg? Oh yea on the ride don't worry about a little rough spot just off the idle, also don't worry about black spooge out the tail - goes with the territory.

You can tell if a bike is hammered. If not grab it. Headlight out - down $25 on the price (no bulbs don't cost that much). brake rotors - more than 1mm of wear - thats 100 bucks/wheel there. You can dicker with price that way if want the bike.

Good luck!

that era of bike had ignition problems. I would take the left sie cover off and see if its corroded or has oil in there. Shouldnt be either. The stators go out when they get old, but you can get a new one or have it rewound.

thanks for the info...I was putting a list of things together before heading out to take a look at the bike this afternoon, and when I called the guy up to get his address, his wife said "he's busy right now, he's in the process of selling it to someone"....

the lesson I learned this weekend is if you see a good deal, don't waste anytime.....this is the second bike this weekend that someone else beat me to.....same thing happen to me yesterday..... :thumbsup:

Maby its better that way.I noticed with older KTM's was jetting.I had a 97 250sx that you just couldent get rite.Maby save a little more and get a newer one OR look for a yz250 I've seen some good deals out their and the yz motor works good for woods as well as track.So many YZ's out their you can probly pick up a newer one cheaper then the KTM's.Just a thought.

I had a 94 300 EXC and had no problems out of it. GREAT BIKE.never had a problem getting parts for it but it has been a few years ago. Those Bikes are fun! :thumbsup:

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