Beware of LA Honda

I recently bought a 2005 450x from LA honda because they had the best out the door price. Transaction went smooth. I paid by personal check and took the bike home.

About 30 days later I receive my green sticker and registration in the mail (but no pink slip). My name is listed first but I notice that LA Honda is also listed on the registration. I made a trip to the DMV and they verified that LA Honda was shown as lien holder. This is on a bike that I paid for.

After 3 days of trying to get ahold of the DMV person at LA Honda they finally called me back. The lady tells me, "Oh didnt they tell you that we list ourselves as lien holder until the check clears". I told her this was never mentioned and I would have never agreed to it. Had I known I would have just ran to the bank and got the cash. Not that she cared. Needless to say I was quite pissed off.

The kicker to this is that they dont automatically send you the pink slip, you have to call them to request it. If you dont they will hold onto it. They held my pink slip for 2 weeks before I called and requested it. Today I received the pink slip with LA Honda listed as lien holder with them releasing the title.

They charged me $25 for DMV fees to that they could register my bike in their name. How Nice is that. Now I have to pay to have the title changed to remove the lien holder.

Just beware that the best out the door price they advertise comes with conditions if you pay by check.

Head straight for DMV- they'll tell LA Honda what the hell time it is:bonk: . That's BS- you'll get to pay sales tax again when they xfer it dude.

I dont think I will have to pay tax again but I know I will have to pay the DMV fee and fight the crowd.

He won't have to pay sales tax again. He doesn't even have to get a new pink slip. As long as it is signed off for the lien holder he is good to go.

Thats standard procedure for personal checks. Next time go with a cashiers check, I wouldn't do any transaction over $500 with cash, its good to have a paper trail, unless its one of those "under the table" deals. "Yo my bike fell off a truck so fugget about it" :thumbsup:

I would be up their ASS. If you paid for the bike, they don't own it.

Make them take care of the paper work.

I hate dealers. :confused::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Thats standard procedure for personal checks. Next time go with a cashiers check, I wouldn't do any transaction over $500 with cash, its good to have a paper trail, unless its one of those "under the table" deals. "Yo my bike fell off a truck so fugget about it" :thumbsup:

Standard procedure for whom? I don't know of any dealer (car or bike) that does that- and I've bought 3 dozen bikes and cars over the (too many) years. DMV will open a can of whoop-ass on them, they just need the heads up (complaint) that it happened.

A call to the smog police would be in order as punishment too, "I'm no mechanic, but I think I saw them taking emmision devices off new dirt and a couple street bikes". :thumbsup:

I never heard of that either, and I've paid either in full or part for every new bike I've bought with a personal check. Most retailers have chex system that verify's checks anyway and protects the dealer. Many dealers are like banks-total theives/scammers. I deal with Kevin at TO Honda. I call him, make the deal, when I arrive the paperwork is already done and I drive away with the bike in less than 30 min, no headaches, and good personal service. I might save a hundred or two driving to the Ghetto to some place like LA cycles, (so some gangbanger/crackhead can break into my truck) but this a perfect example of why not to. Its total BS and I would let the DMV know of the their practice, I'm sure its illegal.

I am sorry to hear about your bullsh$t with the dealer man! We have one of those here in the valley (Phoenix).....bad juju man! I really hope you enjoy your new X! It will make it all worth it soon! Get riding!


Sorry to hear that about LA Honda. Sounds like a bum deal.

Your name is familiar from the jet ski world - didn't you work at Kawi?

I've paid off quite a number of vehicles and all I've ever done is open the envelope that contains the pink and put it in a drawer.

It's come from the DMV, not the leinholder... no tax, no DMV, no $25.

I've paid off quite a number of vehicles and all I've ever done is open the envelope that contains the pink and put it in a drawer.

It's come from the DMV, not the leinholder... no tax, no DMV, no $25.

Well kinda. It goes from the prior "Title Holder", who signs off their interest to the new owner, to DMV. DMV says okay, looks good to us and reissues a new Title (pink) with the new owner's info as Title holder. If it goes from a private party to a private party- DMV will have the offering plate out for their mandatory 1.25% or whatever it is. Property tax, disguised as sales tax. :thumbsup:

It is kind of understandable why they put a lien on the title I mean not to make anyone mad or anything but how are they going to get there money back if you write them a bad check? I mean you have to look at from there point of view I wouldn'e be mad at them or anything. just know when you go to buy a 6k bike bring cash or cashiers check. my .02

I've been shopping for a new X recently...Called LA honda..they gave me an actual out the door price on the phone, actually negotiated with me a little..on the phone-- no BS at all... Every other dealer in SD and LA wouldn't even give me a price. They all said the same "you have to come in to the dealership"...

My point is, it sounds like they did you a favor by actually letting you pay by personal check, and released the bike. So what if their name is on the bottom of the title? You don't have to do anything, just enjoy your new scoot.

You decided to pay by personal check, i'll bet that wasn't their first choice.

I accept personal checks in my business, and never do I release the property till the check clears.

My opinion--- stop whining, and go riding... :thumbsup:

LA Honda and LA yamaha rock...3 bikes from them and happy about all of the and out in under 30 minutes each time. I recommend LA cycle sports to all my riding buddies.

Call the internet sales manager at Berts. She's like the fleet manager at a car dealership... bottom line cheapest price, no BS.

Yeah, i just bought my new 05 here a week ago. Thought never even crossed my mind that i wouldnt be able to just write them a check. They wouldn't go for it. So I ended up having to get a damn Yamaha credit card to buy my bike so i could take it home that day. I live in Tucson and the bike was purchased in Mesa, AZ. So long story short, I paid off the bike on Monday, but the Title is in limbo between the MVD (DMV for everyone else but us AZ people) and the Lein holder. I have to wait 2 weeks for them to get my damn title, and then they have to releases themselves as the Lein holders. All this because I didnt bring a damn cashiers check... Lesson learned.

If you live in Tucson, I recommend you take your bike to Musselman Honda for repairs. They are small dealership that deals straight up, best tech's in Tucson. The Honda dealership on 22nd street has nothing but young kids working there. The other Honda dealership at Palo Verde and I-10 is very nice, clean store, sales people were pretty decent, just felt like I would be paying for their new building. Musselman Honda is just plain straight talk, and straight business, you don't screw with them, they don't screw with you.

Yes im fully aware of how shitty the Arizona Motorsports Group dealerships are. Ie. Tucson motorsports and Tucson Cycle and ski. I will never buy a bike or anything major from them. I am going to go check out parts and some other stuff this weekend and Musselman and the dealership out on I-10. There used to be a website dedicated to all the people that got screwed by Arizona motorsports group.

I have to admit, the young manager over at Tucson cycle & Ski has changed things around alot. He is very mellow and his style reflects that in his sales people. I too would never deal with them in the past, but have gone back for a few parts, the new parts manager was very helpful, mature, etc. I still hold on to my wallet when approaching the Motor Sports on 22nd & Kolb. Good Luck.

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