Places to ride Utah

I am looking for places near SLC to ride, one dayer's with the misses. Any pointers would be appreciated. :thumbsup:

Almost anywhere out west. Diive towards wendover. Dell is an exit about 50 miles out. From that point on, almost any area is fair game.

Try here...SC

Check out SC's link, it lists just about everything. 5 Mile pass is probably the easiest, closest area around. Its too early in the season to go up AF Canyon - I was there today and its still pretty deep snow. If you on a 4x4 ATV its ok, other than that it is going to be a couple more months. You wife would probably really enjoy this area though once it thaws. Dell sucks.....keep going to Knolls - small sand dunes, but don't requre a paddle tire to negotiate.

There are several other trails, but still under too much snow.

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