2000 XR600R lite prob

The dude I just bought it from told me that everything is good coming out of the Stator. The bike has been modded with a battery, which is located in the red bag over the rear fender. Really. He charges the battery weekly, and its only use is to operate the lites. The bike operates without the battery being charged. It has turn signals, tail-lite, and headlite. The latter are stock, I believe, the turn signals appear to be aftermarket, as they are stubby and look like carbon fiber. The wiring under the rear fender looks like its been jacked with. (Turn signals?) Anywho, how the CRAP did he hook up a battery to it? How do I get rid of it? He also said there was a short in the turn signal switch, and when he hit the switch, it would blow the turn signal fuse, located under the seat. v Is this gonna cost me big $$$$$$$$$$$$??? anywho, thanks in advance. JL

Talked to the bike shop today. The dude said that I more than likely NEED the battery to operate the Brake Lite. The head and tails should work fine off of just the bike, but, the battery is needed for the extra juice req'd to operate the brake lite. Now, I pull on the brake lever and hit the foot brake. No Brake lite. Tail only. Anyone have any info as to what the solenoid or switch looks like, Part Numbers, etc., as well as location for this application. Aslo, said something about a 6V battery for the brake lite. &%$#@!? I might hafta get a diagram from him. Also, since I'm feeling lazy, anyone know where to get shrink wrap for wiring? Thanks in advance. JL


Your Headlight and (Tail (maybe DC if you have a brake light)) work on AC Current, and other circuits use DC (Battery) which should take its charge from one of the stator legs, through a reg/rec. You need all that stuff if you want to be street-legal.

Look for a hydraulic switch, it attaches to your rear brake banjo, and to your harness. This senses your brake hydraulic pressure, and switches current to the brake light. A little harder to hook-up your front brake, but its do-able. You need to search-the info is out there.

Go to Radio Shack for shrink tube.

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