My new YZ450F SE

It's bone stock, but I figured you might wanna check them out anyways, and it gives better pictures to people looking to buy one and wanting to check it out (compared to the lame yamaha site ones).

My pre-prints have not arrived yet.

06 YZ450F Special Edition

My cousin approved it: but settle down guys, shes only 12. :thumbsup:

And here is me, still taking it all in :confused:

My Ranger, shes making it :thumbsup:

thats a beastly bike man congrats lol i wish i could afford something like that but for now ill be sticking with my 04kx125

hope you have a blast on it

Nice bike! I like the thor apparel.

Yup. Im a beasty guy though :thumbsup:, Im also glad we paid in cash, in full too. No better feeling than having a bike paid off the day you go get it.

i think... someone pissed on your yamaha :thumbsup:

that never gets old to me!

nice bike! the special edition ones look so nice.

At first I didn't want the SE one, didn't like the color. But after looking at it some more I got it. Looks alot better in person.

wow nice bike i like the yellow too

Very nice deal...

As in the case of your cuz...I always say "If theres grass on the feild, play ball"

J/k!!! Lol

Hey, watch yourself, you live in Michigan too...I can find you!

J/K!!!! lol

Looks good :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Love the SE,

Very nice bike... and cousin too...

Thanks guys.

Hey, watch yourself, you live in Michigan too...I can find you!

J/K!!!! lol

You would have to search for him on foot though... :thumbsup:

Whys that Jason?!

Least my truck isnt broke after the first day I got it!!! haha

I really like the yellow/black yami's, reminds me of when my dad raced.

Yeah, my uncle was saying when he used to race they were all yellow.

Yeah, I seen the video and pics of yours before. It's pretty badass man. Yours looks green, rather than yellow though. I wish I had the money to throw some of those upgrades on mine right now, for now its just maintance items, like stocking up on oil, filters, you know, the imporant stuff :thumbsup:.

Your a big rider like me too. Did you have your suspension done to fit your size? Im bigger too, and I was wondering if the stock seems fine to you, I havent got a chance to hit the track with mine yet. Did RaceTech do yours for you?

I have Race Tech components but had it done locally by a Race Tech dealer. 6.4 rear spring and 5.2 in the fronts. Stock valving. And yes, its awesome for my fatness. :thumbsup:

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