Anyone go to Hollister or Clear Creek today? (Sat 4/8)

I was thinking about going if conditions were good. Anyone go today or yesterday?

Are the Hillclimbs at Carnegie only today or will they be running tomorrow too? Probably pretty crowded there with people staying overnight for the Hillclimbs.

suday is the finals, should be good!

I went to HH yesterday. the whole park was open, mx track groomed, Pete's and jay's rougher than hell. still had a blast on one of the only sunny days in recent history.

I was at HH today. The place is pretty rough right now. Lower section opened up by the end of the day and overall the conditions were pretty good.

I put in a ton of miles down at HH today, the conditions were awesome! :thumbsup:

Plenty of mud in the AM, but dried out as the temps grew. Rode the whole dang place, twice!

Kitty litter mixed with sand...ahhhhhhh... :confused:

I'm beat, where's my hot pad... :thumbsup:

i rode HH today and it was great.. great conditions and blue skys

how was the mx today. i'm thinking about going sunday if its not to tore up already.

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