brown mtn sunday

anyone going tomorrow(sun 4/9)? we'll be there around 10-10:30 :thumbsup: i heard some rumors about some nasty waterbrakes put in over the winter,i hope they didn't go all wayhutta on us :thumbsup:

i heard some rumors about some nasty waterbrakes put in over the winter,i hope they didn't go all wayhutta on us :thumbsup:

You kidding....I love that sh*t. :thumbsup:

they destroyed the top half of trail 9 and considering that the dozer is parked in the middle i imagine they're gonna destroy the rest :confused: i don't know if this has been posted yet but now you must get a ribbon from participating stores (oak hill grocery, a few miles from brown on the right coming from morganton rte 181? is where we got ours) so don't go straight there or you'll have to go back. and you will get checked! i asked the ranger why,he said that alot of people were taking the ticket and not paying :thumbsup: come people its 5 freekin' bucks :thumbsup:

Hey Mountainman are they dozing Brown Mountain like Coal Creek and making the trails like super highways? :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused::bonk:

I love the downhill run on #9! :bonk::bonk::bonk::cry::bonk:

no they put 3' high dang waterbrakes on 9 , which is tight almost singletrack. its nuts. they're gonna need to put waterbrakes on the waterbrakes they're so tall :thumbsup:

We were there last weekend on sunday and it was nuts. People everywhere. Think we put in 35 miles that day, ran 1 twice and nine once. Only saw a few places where the "grooming" had occured.

Went to Wayehutta today. Again it was crawling with people and yahoos tearing up and down the gravel road, 15 mph my lily white ass. Wayehutta is kinda small tho, think we pretty much saw the whole place in a few hours.

Thanks for the info on the "ribbon" mountainman. It sucks they put 3ft. waterbreaks on a single track.

Can't blame me! I dont think the guy I worked with last year got the contract for this years work, I didnt get the call.

I can say this, when you first build a water break, you do build it high, since it will erode until it hardens/compresses. 3 feet still sounds like a bit much, but it all depends on the grade and the length of trail each break is meant to drain. I havent been there to actually see the work, but have patience, it will lay down with traffic.

The water breaks are an absolute joke. They have put them in places on the trail that are flat. I believe they have done this to slow people down. They are super harsh on the suspension and pitch you at bad angles. Basically it has ruined the place...stand up people and don't let the man slow you down. Ha Ha

Two years ago I would have bet you my bike that there would not be a better place than Brown Mt. around here to ride. Lately, I am changing my mind and thinking that Brushy will soon be the best if it is not already. The few times that I went to Brown last year the traffic was horrible and getting worse every time, now this. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I guess that we will find out just how bad it is in a few weeks. :confused:

off topic

it sounds like they may have messed things up a tad...but You guys just wait...I am originally from a communist state up north where people are dumb enough to ellect a socialist carpet bagger lesbian as their senator...and I know this is off topic, but I want to say that places like brown mountain are going to be in the crosshairs of the enviro nuts and the anti off road recreation left in years to come, big time.

The state I used to live in has a huge population and NO public riding areas. The state I used to live in regulates the shit out of bikes and ATV's and gives back squat.. from what I can see, NC is halfway there, since they are now on the leading edge of stupid off road vehicle legislation in this country...

crappy water breaks aside, look at the big picture people, the day will come when your elected democrats need to pay back their special interest groups , and off road riding , especially on public land, WILL be on the chopping block

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