RXC 400 carb

I've got a friend with a 96 RXC 400, we've been beating our heads against the wall to try and get it jetted but the Edelbrock carb has only one adjustment that doesn't seem to cure everything to say the least. He'd really like an FCR but the money just isn't there right now (student). He's actually pretty happy with the current performance but the bike just won't cruise without bucking or surging and it's plated so thats a real problem. If you guys have any ideas I'd sure like to hear them.



If you want some good information on the Edelbrock QS and alternatives, you should check ktmtalk.com. I sent my QS to Edelbrock to get the pumper option and it made a big difference. The cost was $170. From other posts, it appears that it is not as good as an FCR but it is a cheaper alternative.


I picked up a used dellorto carb at a good price and it brought my rxc 400 to like. I went through the faze of trying to fix the quik silver and it just isn't near the carb of the one I have now. Just my two cents worth.


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