'04 450 exc simple tips

I have an '04 450 exc bone stock with very few hours on it. I want to clean up the jetting as it is pretty lean. I am very mechanically inclined but I have very little experiencing with messing with a four stroke carb. I was curious to understand two things. First how difficult is a JD jet kit to install and does it require much fiddling (I literally get to ride 3-4 times a year and I don't want to be in the middle of nowhere messing with my carb). Second, is there anything else that should be done to the carb to get good results. Again, simplicity is key. I have hear things about squirt timing, power now and something from Boysen that is supposed to help. Thanks for any advice!!!!!!!!

Purchase a JD Jetting kit and follow the instructions. The jetting kits are easy to install. Also, you should limit the accelerator pump (AP) squirt to about 1 second by limiting the throw of the AP. There are several ways to accomplish this, one of which is to install a Honda AP diaphragm. A 'ThumperTalk search' on jetting the 450 EXC will provide plenty of info.

Make sure that you dial in the jetting prior to your arrival to 'the middle of nowhere'.

OK so I threw down and purchased the JD jetting kit. I installed it to spec for my elevation 1-3k feet. I sealed the exhaust pipe joints, let them dry for a week and took it out for a spin. I am experiencing a 0 to 1/4 throttle bog. I did not touch the AP pump, could this be the cause? I am going riding in a few weeks and have little time to play around with it. Any help would be appreciated!

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