The way of the DRZ

Went for a ride today, to shake off the cabin fever. Rode up a small two line highway for 50 miles and did about 20 miles of gravel roads! Who cares what the nay sayers :thumbsup: think about the DRZ- let em try to do that on a MX bike! :thumbsup:

They might be able to do it, but not in any comfort.

Looks like you had a nice day out :thumbsup:

Neil. :thumbsup::confused::bonk:

Nice photo.

Glad to see there's still snow on the ground somewhere else, too!

Felt great to get out there and ride finally! You are right they could do it, but not legally also.. Not bashing strictly dirt bikes, I like them too, but love to just hop on and go wherever! :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Do I spy white plastic? Looks good!

More power to ya! Don't let cool weather or a little snow on the hills keep you from riding. I used to ride my RM 250 to work year round when I worked in Alaska. With screws in the tires it performed commuting duty passably. Of course I had to keep it in the living room at night so it would start when it was cold out. Eventually I figured out an easier way to get my motorcycle to start on chilly mornings - move to Arizona and but a DRZ.

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