Ha, the truth comes out!

You know how your buddies are always like "YEAH MAN I'LL PITCH IN AND HELP WITH THE TRACK!" etc, etc...

Tonight we decided would be a good evening to go work on the track. Do some mowing, take some shovels and other tools and do some grooming.

So I show up with a lawnmower, shovel, solid steel rock rake, hoe (no wise-cracks please) and some other stuff............ but no other people showed up! hahaha

So I ended up mowing this entire track with a push mower! Even the guy that owns the track didn't show up. I called and his kid goes "Hi Mr. Mike we're going to dinner!" so maybe the wife intercepted him and made him go but Hmmm he could have called right?

That's okay. I've hidden little cow pies all over the track inside the normal lines - and covered them with grass clippings. Next ride, I take the inside line everywhere and CLUTCH IT A LOT! hahaha MP

that sucks but the cow pies serve them right

lol good job :thumbsup:


wrong section to post?


wrong section to post?

ah not really. Theres nothing wrong with keepin it general in the 150/230 section...

I had the same thing happen when I tried to make a track. Had a great layout, alot of the guys I spoke to said they would help,blah blah blah...needless to say that the projest was abandoned right about the time for the real work to begin, when I really did need the help. Of course it was pretty much a solo effort all along.

Hi, yeah I know it's not the general section - but this is pretty much the only section I post on except to ask questions and make a few comments on the 70cc section (yeah I have a little XR70 I play with too LOL).


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