My little Thumpette's first race...

April 2nd the Bookcliff Rattlers hosted a Hare Scramble. My daughter was entered into the "mini's". There were 27 total riders in that class. She really got a taste of what racing is all about, registration, tech inspections, riders meeting, and the start line. She rode her KLX 110 well. :bonk: I'll admit...I got pretty choked up watching her on the start line, confidently blipping the throttle waiting for her turn to start. She even showed some exceptional sportsmanship. One other rider took a digger in front of her, and she stopped to help him up and even helped to restart his bike. Then she passed him coming into the check point. :thumbsup: She completed 2 laps around the mini loop. (which was 5 miles) She was 4 minutes faster on the second time around, she even took a digger , the mud covered gear was a give away.

. The only drawback was the meat heads :bonk: who wanted to know why Dad wasn't racing..."Hey it my little girls day, and I don't want to take anything away from it...." I guess some people just don't understand, there's always next year, hopefully I get to pass them somewhere.

Well she finished 19th out of 27 :bonk: :bonk: , and her friend took 8th overall. :cry::bonk: What really made this race is that the "mini's" had 100% trophy, talk about a great confidence builder :thumbsup: Well thats my story, I apologize if I offended anyone who thinks I am bragging...well I am sort of :cry: . But I really just wanted to share her first racing experience, watch out for next year :confused:

Just a proud Daddy.



Sweet!!! You dont sound like your bragging, you should be proud. GJ Dad!

That's so cool. I hope you got some pics! How old is she? You are a great dad, putting yourself aside for her :thumbsup:

Thanks Andi!!!!

She is 9, been riding for a year, her KLX 110 was her 8th birthday present. As for "putting myself aside"...isn't that what parents are supposed to do???? Plus her older brother has been very busy with his smallbore shooting competition, and we did not want anything to take away from her first race experience. HECK!!! Even Mom wanted me to run the race, but, she also understood my feelings on it, like I told my daughter on the way to the race, "this is your day, lets go ride and have fun!!!!!"



Awesome story thanks for sharing, post some pictures if you get a chance, and next time some meat head ask, why you are not racing, tell em you only have one chance to watch your kids grow up!!! :thumbsup:

That is great!!! Thanks for honesty I welled up too (tears). Thinking about the day my daughter is in her first race....

Congrats and well done to your girl. That's just awesome.

Thats awesome!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused: I got a little misty during the read, too... :bonk:

That is so super! Especially her helping another rider:)

Great story. Awesome job, to both of you. I also appreciated the part where she helped another rider and the fact that we can feel the love when we read your story.

Very, very cool.

ps Brag on, dad, you know you wanna', it's awesome!!

That is an awesome story. There is no reason not to be a proud Dad. With a father like that how can she go wrong.

Great story, I remember both of my kid's first race and a ton of other firsts.

First win, first double, first hard crash, etc.

I think the best first was the first time my daughter chased down and passed one of the boys in the 60cc class in one of her early MX races. I was sooooo proud! She's passed many a boy since then, as has her big brother but that first corner pass was so cool!

I wouldn't be so hard on people that ask why you aren't racing though, meatheads is a bit harsh for a simple question. My kids think it's great that I support them in their racing but they think it's even better that I finally started racing with them instead of just being the pitmom. They both started racing at the same time and it didn't take anything out of their experience.


yes maam, you are right, I shouldn't have been hard on those guys. BUT, what really got to me was the name calling...."he's just a p***", well you can image what was said. I guess some dudes just don't seem to undstand. I agree 100% with you, it is a blast to ride/race with our kids. You remind me of my Mom ( we lost her to cancer), alwways smile no matter how rude people are being to you. Thanks for the kind words.

Now I get it since you explained HOW the meatheads (to put it nicely) were asking why Dad wasn't racing I can understand why you called them meatheads. :confused:

I think you need to do more than just pass them if you get a chance, maybe a nice friendly blockpass, corner stuff or at least a nice healthy roost as you go by. Garbage talk is all fine & good in the appropriate setting but when someone is tossing it out because your supporting your kid that doesn't fly in my book. Hopefully one day your daughter can pass them too and roost them with you! :thumbsup:

Very sorry to hear about your mom, I'm sure she's proud of you and your family and she is watching your little girl race with a big smile on her face.

Don't forget to take LOTS of pictures and video tape her races if you can. I still like to go back and watch my kids' early races when I have a chance and the pictures just put a smile on my face. I have a bunch of them on my computer at work and my screensaver is the slideshow thing where the pics just randomly come up, makes working at a computer more tolerable.

Take care Wes. :thumbsup:

wes300, I was there in GJ at 27 ¼ Rd, helping with tech, and was probably one of the "meat heads" that asked you why you weren’t racing too, because I remember asking that question of a father who’s daughter was racing. I know from experience that my kids are not as interested in doing some things unless I’m doing it with them. Now the fact that you DO race and were putting your daughter’s first race as a priority in your life and hers is a great and awesome example for any parent. My comment about ‘why your not racing too’ simply had to do with parent who are always on the sidelines and don’t share the same experiences with their kids. Kids miss this. What you did that day was sssswwwweeeeettt! And when you and her look back on her first race, and future races, I know it will pull you both closer together. And when the both of you are finished at the end of the race day and can talk together about how you both ran the course, cheered each other on, passed someone or how to take a certain line this will really create a bond which you and her will have the rest of your lives. Yes, I do understand having two kids of my own. Sorry for being one of the persons who asked the question day no insult was meant, I hope I wasn't the one calling names, I don't remember doing that and I certainly did not mean to take away from your plans. I’ll look forward to seeing the both of you race again!

Great story, she sounds precious!

My step-son is 16, and loves that I race with him. At first I was too just watching, but after a while it just looked like so much fun I had to try it. All his friends always say "Man, you're so lucky you're mom rides too!"

HEY cloud9, you are not one of the meat-heads I referred to, you are too polite to begin with. The "dudes" I am referring to were "blasting" me in the parking area, not the tech inspection station. You guys in tech were really cool, you guys all liked my girls graphics on her Kawi.

If I offended you I am sorry.

I too, am like most of the great :thumbsup: people here find our sport is best shared in the family setting, we ride as a family, Grandpa (quad), number 1 son, and my little girl, and of course, ME. Momma is busy taking pics, and VHS movies, and she even carries the race can for those times when we run low (out) on gas. :thumbsup:

So cloud9, I apologize if I offended ya, YOU are DEFINITELY not one of the guys I am referring to.


Hey Wes the way I look at it is you are supposed to bragg about your kids you can bragg about your kids any time in my book.As long as you are their supporting your kids at know matter what they due it should not matter if you are racing or what ever with them.I started riding again because of my kids but I started racing because I thought they would but niether of my 2 kids that ride want to race but they are there for me every race cheering me on do you know what thats like when you come around the corner dead tired you kids are yelling GO DAD GO and holding signs for me its the best feeling ever.All I know is we love to support each other in anything we do.motorcycle riding just happens to be a big part of what we do.Sounds like your daughter did AWESOME.Keep up the bragging Wes.

Yes! To all parents, we, the other parents, want to hear you tells about your kids riding and racing.

Are pictures bragging? :thumbsup:

My little girl's first trophy (that was a long time ago)


A later trophy:


Last year her on the line with me in the Women's Class (she's #456 and I'm 007):


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