Blown Head Gasket?

My bike has 15 hours on a fresh top end. Everything was running fine until during a muddy ride last weekend I overheated a couple times, and the bike was very difficult to start hot. After the ride had to replenish about half the coolant (Engine Ice).

Did a search and found if coolant is bubbling at the radiator opening with the cap off while the bike's running it's got a blown head gasket. So my question is wouldn't the oil and coolant mix and give me a milkshake like oil? It does not have this.

It would mix with the oil if the head gasket is blown in an area that intersects an oil galley. If not, it might just have gotten to a coolant galley and nothing else.

Should I be concerned about the head being warped?

yes, check it for being flat. a peice of fine sandpaper and glass will give you a good idea. dont want to have this problem again, right?

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