backfire screen

is it really a backfire screen? after my airfilter popped off and i had a screw in my airbox waiting to be inhaled, i think the screen should stay put. problem is, i destroyed mine when i was anxiously pulling it out. i was and am counting my blessings that it wasn't inhaled earlier today or as long the filter has been off.

Yep, mine was pulled out too.....

What was the screw doin' in the man :thumbsup:

Slime,dust,bugs, but hardware ?

from my filter that fell off. :thumbsup: all better now.

Bought my 98 last year. When inspecting the air filter I found it deteriorated to the point that chunks of foam were stuck on the backfire screen. I don't expect that the K & N could do that though.

yeah mine came loose after i took my filter i said ef this and ripped it out...idk, i dont think it should be TOO big of a problem but who knows...i dont think its as much of a backfire screen, as its a screen to provent particles of the airfilter from going through the carb/ engine...please someone correct me if i'm wrong

Most folks get rid of that screen as part of the asthma curing process. Taking it out might make it a little lean as it adds restriction, but IMO it should go away with the rest of the stock stuff. With a good filter there should not be anything there

Removing the screen has the biggest effect when a performance pipe is installed and the big 170 jet is installed in the carb. With that done mine didn't run quite right. I called Jessie at kientech and he said to pull the screen out,that it wasn't allowing the bike to breath to the capacity that it needed to with the re-jet and new pipe. It was causing sort of a bottleneck for the incoming air or was like one of those NASCAR restrictor plates limiting the airflow. With the screen out all was right with the bike.

I really don't think that it would do much but cause an already lean condition to be worse on an otherwise stock bike.

Its a mod thats done as a package, ie; cut the box, K&N, Dynajet kit, new pipe, ...and remove the screen. With this done its a totally different bike. Much more powerful. :thumbsup:


Racing two strokes don't even come with screens.

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