crf150f jump at prairie city

Looking good!

did he bottom out?

ya i cant find the landing in the pic, that must be a big jump

Ya he hit the jump a few times and it looked like it hurt when he landed. Yes it bottomed out. The new BBR springs for both our bikes ship from CRFS only on Monday.

OUCH but nice air!

Crazy kids jumping their trail bikes. I bet it was a pretty rough landing. Someone donate him some cr80/85 forks.

I think he just out grew his trail bike, time for a MX bike, dad.

I think he just out grew his trail bike, time for a MX bike, dad.

As soon as I get the wife a new car I can start looking at a 250x for him.

dang thats crazy...can u say ouch? o while ur @ it mind picking me up a 250?

That is some big air for a 150, won't be catching me do something like that for a while......

Nutty. Check the frame. More of that and its coming apart.

Yea to crazy for me. I never plan on jumping much of anything so I decided against a mx bike.

I'll be happy with being able to jump 5-6 feet in the air or so. Won't catch me doing that crap. I started off to late (21) lol. I'm sure I would have been all over that stuff at 11.

Ya I let him do it a few times but am going to keep him a lil closer to th ground

We used to jump off a dam about that size when I was a kid. If the suspension on the CRF is like my my XR200R was, he's lucky he didn't hit his head on the bars on the landing. I did that a few times... I don't recommend it. :thumbsup:

He hit all of his everything on that bike, he is a lil sore.

The 150f is a great bike, you can jump really far on it.

Where is that jump?

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