2002 yz250f valve clearances

I just did the 03 decomp cam in my 2002 yz250f. How are these valve clearences. Exhaust is snug at .178 ( spec= .17 - .22 ) and intake is a little tough to get the feeler gauge through with a .102 ( spec= .10 - .15 ). I read on another thread that it is better to be on the tighter side than on the looser side. Should I re-shim? The intake seems to be a little tight especially the back one ( farthest from the intake cam sprocket ). Thanks

From what I've been told that intake always seems to be the first that tightens up. But your all in spec so i'd leave them. It wouldn't hurt to check them every month or so if these measurements are deviations from the first time you checked. And yes people on this website have reccomened that you shim to the tight side so you should be fine.


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