Thoughts on Quickshots

What does everyone think about Quickshots? Looking in mags and was wondering if I could use one and feel a gain in response. Thanks

if your talkin about the boysen quick shot pump cover, i have one on mine 05 and if gave it instant thorttle response and more bottom end. it is great. :thumbsup:

the quickshot is one of the best mods. i would buy it again

Save yourself $70 and just safety wire your AP linkage and put in a richer pilot (42 - 45), then set the fuel screw for your conditions. The 06 KXF250 could use a leaner main jet too, somewhere in the mid 160's depending on your conditions.

Thanks for info will work on it. :thumbsup:

im broke from buying a bike.

im broke from buying a bike.

Check out this thread. The mod is cheap and works better than any of these gimmick products. :thumbsup:

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