Oh baby! Suspension!

Okay people, I need help with some CR80/85 forks for my CRF150. I know nothing on what to do, or what to buy. Can someone help me with this, I need to know what I need, and any tips on putting them on the bike. I was kinda hoping I could Just get an entire CR85 front end, slap it on and call it a day!



Also, What can I do with the rear? Can I put on a CR80/85 swing arm with linkage, and rear spring? I used the search but can't find what I need. Thanks!!


oh dear here we go again.....

ok.... well ur gonna need the forks and clamps longer brake cable cr85 axle reger spacers and billet peice so that ur crf150 brake caliper will fit unless u use the cr85 caliper and wheel which isent really a good idea because it dosent have that much stopping power for the heavier bike cr85 number plate front fender ull need to get the lower clamp pressed by reger for 60$ (gives u like1/4 an inch more thread for ur bolt to screw on to on the top) just to be safe. its not really necassary to do i dident and ull also need stiffer springs because the bike is alot heavier i dont think i left anything out.

its not hard to do just getting everything is a pain... if i were you just get bbr springs if u dont want to bottom out :thumbsup: u can get all of these parts at reger engineering.

it would be a very good idea to get a cr85 front end alot easyer if u can get the whole front end that would save u alot of time... :thumbsup:

visit regerengineering.com

you dont have to send the clamps to reger if you have a press at home...but let me tell you from experience, it takes more than 30,000 lbs. so be ready to really press, you need to oil it while you press also to lube everything up. i would try to buy the whole front end, then get reger adapters so you can still use your crf 150 wheel, a crf 250 brake line, and go to www.race-tech.com to find the appropriate spring rates, here is how you do it:

take the crf 150 weight subtract the cr 80/85 weight, and add the difference to your rider weight. so here is the equation for people not good in math


at race tech the spring calculator asks for bike weight i believe but not rider weight, i figured mine w/ rider weight (125, but dont forget gear like i did :whoops:) and i got .365 and I went with the closest up size that reger had which was .38 KG

I believe that BBR springs are to much for the average rider, that is why i went w/ cannon....it comes with a sticker to

pfft i didnet press mine ... lol its not going to come off u got gravity anyway... and thats not the only thing holding it on .... :thumbsup:

yea i know you don't "HAVE" to press it, but i'd say its just a good and fairly easy back up plan, gravity doesn't always work on my side :thumbsup:

just make it easier on ur self and go to www.xr100.com and order the dang fork kit but im not sure wut u could do withe the rear though...



05' crf230

my rear suspenison is really bouncy and i think my shock is shot. should i buy one off the internet and do it myself or just take it to the dealer and have them do it

ok where do i go on the site to chekc what spring rate i should get????

www.race-tech.com use the spring calculator

I'm thinking I might just go with the BBR springs in the forks and in the back.

if you get ALL the parts at once it is not hard AT ALL a 5 year old girl could do it!! just put about $600 into it and be done with it! have you read the post's on BBR springs? they shouldn't even compare to BBR's!! just my $.06 worth


its been like 4 weeks sense i started and im gettin inpatient. :confused:

get them is u dont mind waiting =)

they are awesome and just look sexy :thumbsup::thumbsup:

its been like 4 weeks sense i started and im gettin inpatient. :confused:

get them if u dont mind waiting =)

they are awesome and just look sexy :thumbsup::thumbsup:

its been WAY longer for me!!!!! between break downs and being broke but she'll be buttoned up and ready to ride by tuesday nigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO, all ive been able to ride is the kfx...i forget what a bike feels like :thumbsup:

ive been riding my dads 230 alot outside but i feel faster and turn way better on my 150 i can still beat him anytime he cant jump at all either lol well a little

all bout teh corner =) :thumbsup:

i dont feel like typing all that you need for the front since these guys already covered it but for the back get a cr85 shock drill a whole 1 in up from the current whole get a bbr spring for it and get the shock rebuilt and revalved if you have the money

umm i have the stock front brake line for the 150 it is long enough but dosent fit exactly right what brake line do i need i found one for 15$ for a crf250r is that the one i need? thanks!

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