SFB flywheel weight rubbing cover??

I installed a SFB 13oz. flywheel weight on my 00 Yz 426 and replaced the cover with the on they provided and it rubs on the cutout area for the shifter. Has anyone had this problem?? What did you do to fix it or is this a mistake from SFB?? Thanks for your input.

funny you should post this I actually had two of the bolts that hold the flywheel weight on juggle loose and snap off while I was riding. :thumbsup: they blew a hole right through my cover. :thumbsup: Make sure you use locktight!!!!!!!!!! How bad does it rub?

Bad enough you can barely kick it over. I made sure the slots were over the rivets like the instructions said. SFB had a note in the instructions to let them know if you had a rub. Makes me wonder if they have alot of trouble with it??

by the way welcome to TT. This place is a wealth of info :thumbsup: . sounds like this is a common problem for this company. I would follow their instructions, and make sure your bolts stay tight! :thumbsup:

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