no ap squirt

i have an 05' CRF250r i took the carb off to clean it and put in back on and had no ap squirt..gas was on and i could lean the bike over and gas would come out the im kinda stuck..can you put the ap diaphram back in wrong. :thumbsup: .i took the cover off to i dont know what to do...has happend before but turning the "ap cam" under the throttle cover thing by hand i got it to squirt but no luck now....any ideas :confused::thumbsup: thanks

anyone????? :thumbsup:

The Numbers On The Diaphgram Have To Be Facing Outward...and Is The Leak Jet In? I Forgot To Put The Leak Jet In On Mine And There Was No Squirt..

yes the leak jet is in..ill double check the diaphram..i may have put it in backwards...i forgot whichwayit went in when i was done..and there was some "sandy stuff" in the ap cover so i guess its possible there may be something in the nozzle..i found your post about your problem and read im gunna try and clean everything again and go from there. :thumbsup::thumbsup: ..thanks it working....something was clogged in the exit portion...blew air through all of the passages and wa la it works :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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