2001 CR125R vs >2004 CR/CRF Plastics

I just purcahsed an excellent condition 2001 CR125R. I'm not sure if the current front fenders from the CR/CRF fit on my 01 CR125R? The four bolts holding the front fender should be the same, right?

How about the rear and shrouds?

the front fender will fit, but the rear wont fit and neither will the shrouds. if you want the 02+ look you need to put an 02+ subframe and gas tank on, and it will fit.

the 02 subframe wont fit the 01 without some cutting. but, the 02 stuff will fit the 01 subframe with 2 cut and welds. the mounting tabs need to be lowered about 1/4 in. the airbox will fit.

the 02 tank will fit allowing you to use the new shrouds, but you need to fab a bracket for the lower rear shroud bolts...

01 with 02 plastic

This just sucks. This means all I can do now is just replace the front fender with the new looking fender. I can't do much with the rest.

Now, I would have to find someone who still sells 01 graphics kit for the CR125.

Wait...would the 02-06 graphics kit fit my 01 plastics? I'm no too concerned about the front and rear fenders. I'm more interested with the shrouds.

it really is an easy thing to do"the swap"...email me if ya need more info... :thumbsup:

Hi kuritaro9,

Thanks for the offer! :thumbsup:

I'm sure a lot of people who own 01's would like to know how to do the swap. Can you provide us the how-to's for this swap?

Thanks :confused:

it really is an easy thing to do"the swap"...email me if ya need more info... :thumbsup:

some parts from a 92 cr250 will fit the 2000-2001 cr125

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