Woods riding in SoCal

Just moved down here from Northern California. Used to riding Stonyford and Foresthill. Where's the nearest deep woods riding from the Thousand Oaks area? Also like to moto sometimes, what are the tracks that are closest to this area? Thanks in advance.

The best woods riding I have found is the trails behind Lake Arrowhead. They are (quad width) single track.

Try the national forest trails above Hungry Valley.

Kennedy Meadows in the Sierras, is paradise!!

Piutes, above Jawbone, maybe 2 1/2 hrs from TO.

Unfortunately all these places are deep in snow and will be for a while. Unless we have a heat wave the forest trails above hungry valley will not open till May 1st or so. Piute a little longer and Kennedy not till June or even July.

I just started riding in the Piutes recently. To ride a lot of the trails a plated bike makes it easier since they don't connect. Sequoia NF is really tight about riding green sticker bikes on the road, even it it's a dirt road. They are especially tight up around Kennedy Meadows. Both Kennedy and the Piutes are great in summer. Kennedy is 7500 to 10000 feet. The Piutes are a little lower.

I ride the forest trails above Hungry valley a lot, mostly because it's close. Some of them, like Snowy, are quite difficult. So much so that almost none of my riding buddies will ride with me there.

The very closest trails to you is Drinkwater flats (DWF) , Bouquet, and Rowher. This is just north of Santa Clarita. They all connect up. The round trip from DWF thru Rowher is a minimum of 45 miles. I do some extra loops around Rowher and make the total 65 or so miles. I ride these trails because I live 4.7 miles from the DWF staging area.

You really need to try some desert riding too. It's not all flaming at 100mph or giant whoops. There is plenty of technical single track out there too. Just no trees.

There is a moto track in Piru, and at Hungry Valley.

I rode Arrowhead yesterday. No snow to speak of, but a fair bit of mud and the stream crossings are DEEP. Lots of rocks have come up because of washouts. Willow Creek (they are letting water out of the lake) in not crossable at all.

If you are willing to try some desert the possibilities are endless, but the riding season is coming to a close here pretty quick.

We pretty much ride desert in the cool months, then switch to the mountains in the hot months.

Forgot about Ballinger. There are trees there too. About 2 hours from Thousand Oaks. Head on the 101 to Ventura, then take 33 North. Over the mountain and down the Cuyama valley

You cn't beat the Piutes for so cal riding. Can't wait till they are open again.

They are (quad width) single track.

If it's wide enough for a quad how can it be SINGLE track?

you got..Frazier Park which is great for mountain and forest style riding. (Maybe closed during this season cause of snow) Those trials are aggressive and long. then check out www.all-offroad.com.

Rowher Flats (Texas Cyn) is great and close to me at least. Hungry valley is fun for a while. But it all depends on you try them all until you figure it out..

Cool, thanks for the input. I have to go back north this coming weekend, but will definitely try some of those spots starting the week after.

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