New to 4 strokes...

Hey guys im new to 4 stroke I have bin riding 2 strokes for the 4 years I have bin riding and today, When I went to look at the 2006 KXF250 and all the other 4's theres a little lever above the clutch what is that?I have seen them before but I dont know what it is thanks.

Isnt it a hot start thing?

I believe your talking about either a hot start lever - It acts the opposite of a choke. Whe teh bike is cold you need to be richer to start. When hot, you need to be a little more lean than optimum jet settings to start easy.

Some fours have a compression release too.

Yeah some of the older four strokes have a compression release. The compression release is a little black lever on its own perch.

Yeah it's a hot start they stopped using decompression levers in 2002

I know what a hot start does, i was just wondering if that lever was a hot start.

So its like the choke in the engine area that you pull out and in?But its just on the handle bars?

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