Honda sportclutch?

What is this? It is on the honda quads and it advertises that you can't stall the engine. Is this an oem rekluse?

Most non race quads have had some form of auto clutch over the years. I am not sure what is so new about the sport clutch Honda is providing on the quads. :thumbsup:

Honda says:

New hand-operated Honda SportClutch. The new Honda SportClutch enables the rider to experience manual clutch actuation with the advantage of no stalling.

Sounds like it just auto disengages before stalling. Not quite a Rekluse as far as how it would feather on renengagement. Its kind of like having training wheels for a dirt bike for the younger riders :thumbsup:

its the same thing as the rekluse. my buddy has an 06 trx250 and it has that sport clutch. you can take off in any gear and it will feather the clutch for you.

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