Aftermarket goodies for 250 EXC Racing 4 Stroke

Have just purchased a 250 EXC Racing 4 stroke but am having a hard time finding people who offer aftermarket upgrades for this bike.

Any good sources out there for upgraded mufflers, jetting kits, and other accessories ?

El Mudo

What year? For the most part anything that fits the bigger 4-stroke EXCs of the same year will fit the 250.

The 2002 250 had a smaller carb than the rest.

A lot of folks swear by the JD Jet Kits, its worth a call or email to make sure you get the right kit for your year/model though.

The stock silencer is very good, but the head pipes aren't really right for the 250, HT Racing makes a great replacement for that.

The greatest aftemarket mod of them all is the HT Racing 351 Big Bore Kit. :thumbsup:

Welcome aboard.

I have experimented with the JD Jetting kit and it did offer some improvements over the stock settings.


I have since installed the HT Racing Tork headers, Euro manifold and , Tork blade and these mods have transformed the bike. With one notable adjustment... back to the stock jetting.

The results however speak for themselves.

If you a playing in the trees get yourself on to a 13/54 sprocket set.

Next up is the Rukluse auto-clutch!

I will assume you have already pencilled in suspension as your first priority when setting up a new bike.

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