Spark plug hole issues

Last week during a ride, my bike came to a halt. When I pulled off the gas tank, my spark plug was sitting on top of the head and the spark plug wire was blown up. I finally got new parts today and when I went to put a new sparkplug in, it not catching on any of the threads. The spark plug just spins without going in any deeper.

How would I go about fixing the spark plug hole? Do I need to pull the whole engine/remove the head?

I have never pulled the plug on my bike nor had the tank off so take what I say with a grain of salt.

I suspect that the outer-most thread or two got boogered (technical term) as the spark plug was working it's waqy out.

I would say there are two options, One risky and one not so risky.

Less risky option: Pull the head and try running a sparkplug or tap of appropriate size though the hole from the inside out. If this cleans up the threads, great! Put the head back on and away you go. If it doesn't, take the head down to the shop and have them heli-coil the hole.

More risky option: Get a tap of appropriate size, fill the flutes of the tap with grease and attempt to run it through the hole from the outside in. If this doesn't work, take the head off and have the shop heli-coil the hole. If you ARE able to clean up the threads this way you still run the risk of having metal shavings fall into the cylinder. Hopefully the grease on the tap will catch them all but you can't tell if it does or not. It's a risk you will have to decide on for yourself. I have done something similar on another engine and not had trouble with shavings in the cylinder. Again, I've never had the tank off my bike so I don't know if it's even possible to get a tap in there and have room to turn it.

Maybe other guys have some different ideas. I\d like to hear how you fix it. Good luck.

Take the damn head off and have a heli-coil put in. If you can't do it yourself then have a shop do the work for you. Do not run the risk of shavings going into your engine. Its not worth the risk of taking the lazy mans way out.

Also while your in there get yourself an manual cam chain tensioner and check your valves for clearance.

Does the whole engine need to come out to remove the head?

No the head comes off OK on it's own, well you have to help it, but you get the idea.

If you do a "search this forum" on this subject you will find it has been covered

in-depth before, along with the possible fixes.

Good luck with it.

Neil. :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

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