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Need help tuning the pilot circuit on a WR250F

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My dads WR250F has a very annoying condition. I will try to describe it as best I can

1. blip the throttle at idle (in neutral)

2. revs up and returns to a slightly high idle

3. while at slightly high idle throttle response is as it should be

4. if you dont blip the throttle while the bike is at the slightly high idle the revs will drop down to a regular idle

5. at the regular idle if you try to blip the throttle it will die

The same kind of thing happens when riding it

1. let off the throttle (in any gear)

2. as you drop speed the bike stops riding on the engine braking and starts a high idle

3. the high idle will drop down after about 2-3 seconds

4. the bike drops down to a regular idle

5. any attemp at turning the throttle while it is at a regular idle will result in a stall

What is going on with this bike!?

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