When do I change oil and oil filter?

Okay, I just got my new 06' 450. Im going to break it in next weekend when I have a change to do a week of riding.

First of all, Im NOT doing the "Hard" break in on it, that some online articles say to. Im doing what the manual says, which is this:

Operate the machine in lower gears at moderate throttle openings for five to eight minutes. Check how engine runs when machine is ridden with the throttle 1/4 to 1/2 open (low to medium speed) for 1 hour. Restart the engine and check, operate for 10-15 more minutes, machine will now be ready to race. About 1 hour of break in is nessacary. Piston, rings, camshaft- require 30 minutes of break in at half thorttle or less.

I just need to know how long to let my bike cool down after each time I go ride, before starting it back up agian (on that break in).

I also want to know when to change the oil, since the manual really don't tell me, from what I read. I was thinking about changing the oil right after that hour of break in. Then I was planning on running it sort of slow for another 5 hours, keeping it half throttle, medium speed still, just to get a feel for the bike, then changing my oil agian, then one last 5 hours, and then change my oil one last time, and also change my oil filter.

Does that seem fine? Every 5 hours change my oil, then after the 11 hours (including my 1 hour break in), change my oil filter?

After those 11 hours, when my bike is completly broken in, how often should I change my oil and oil fliter; hours?

And check my valves every 20 hours, correct?

Thanks for the help guys.

P.S.- Check pics of my bike here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=360525

Sounds pretty good to me. The main thing is to actually regularly do it. A lot of folks only sporadically do maintenance and usually end up paying the price for it. Here's our oil/ filter / valve schedule:

'01 YZ426F and '05 YZ250F

Change oil every two races.

Change oil filter every other oil change.

Check valve clearances every five races.

So far..so good. :thumbsup:

Could you maybe give me a estimate on how many hours exactly? Im going to be racing every other weekend, and riding/practicing like almost each day of the week.

I know Im going to baby the hell out of this bike maintance wise for sure, I always take awesome care of all my stuff.

Does my first 3 oil changes sound fine though, just to get it past the break-in time and all that. Then my oil filter after the 3 oil changes too.

After that, I was thinking...I want to know if this sounds fine, or too much, or too less.

Oil Change: Every 5 Hours

Oil Filter Change: Every 10 Hours

Valve Clearance Check/Adjust: Every 20 Hours

Air Filter Clean/Change: Every Day

That sound just about perfect?

Not to me. Your engine holds about an even 1.1 liter of oil, total in the system. There is already 100cc that you can't get out of it except by disassembling the engine. If you don't change the filter each time, that's another 100cc or so that stays, meaning that after your oil change, 18% of your oil is used.

Besides, if you're also using the OEM type paper filters, you should know that debris caught by the filter will not necessarily be held there permanently. Paper elements can operate a sort of catch and release program in your oiling system, unlike a Scotts or similar SS mesh. Once something is stopped in those, it's stopped.

I change every third ride day, which can be up to 9-10 hours. But it might also be much less, even less than 5. If there's any racing thrown in, I change it more often. Either way, the filter (a Scotts) gets cleaned with every oil change. Break in oil should be changed in under 2 hours. I remember one engineer type saying that if there is anything harder on an engine than MX, he didn't want to be physically present when it happened.

Make the valve clearance inspection interval anything you like. The adjustment, if the past is any indication, will take longer. My '03 has yet to require one.

Okay, let me get this stright then.

Change my oil filter each time I change my oil? Now is every 5 Hours, or every Race day good enough?

I just don't think the filter needs to be changed that often, that is alot of money going to waste I think. You shouldn't have to change the filter each time, maybe every other time (Each 10 hours).

Now the Scotts one, is like 60 bucks. If I buy that, I will just have to clean it each time, and not replace it each time? How often do you go until you usually end up replacing it with another Scotts? If thats the case, then I would want that (Re-Usable), I thought you said I have to change the thing each time I change my oil, which can get a bit pricey, but if I buy this and just have to clean it each 5 hours, thats no big deal.

How often does everyone else change theres?

But, is the oil thing seem fine? Each 5 hours, and during my break-in right after that one hour?


I'm changing oil every 20h and I change oil filter everytime.

Last race I drove took 23 hrs and I didn't change oil in the middle of that race.

But as we know this really depends the way you use your bike. If you're a pro who keeps it full revved aal the time, then you need to change it sooner.

Timo Mc

Yeah. Im going to invest in one of those Scott filters, then just clean it every 5 hours when I change my oil. Thats the best way to go I think.

You should change the oil immediately after the break in. All of the machining shavings and small particles need to be flushed out. I do this for the first few hours on the bike, each hour of riding time.

After the second change, I generally see a dramatic reduction in particles. At about the 5th hour, I change the filter too.

Afterwards, I change the oil about every 5 hours or so of running time. I change the filter every other time I change the oil.

This is my 4th modern Yamaha 4 stroke that I have used this method with and I have had zero problems with my motors.

Yup, thats exactly what I was plannin on doing.

Change my first oil change right away after break in, then Ride it for 5 hours, change oil agian and filter, then 5 more hours, change that other filter, put a fresh filter in, fresh oil (that would be my 3rd oil change in 10 hours). Then I won't be riding for like a couple weeks after that because were moving and stuff so we got to get settled in.

Then I plan on continuing my Oil change- 5 hours, Filter- 10 hours/or Every other oil change. After those 20 hours are up, check my valves, and done.

Sound good?


I saw your pictures and threads.

Dude, you are so young.

I hope you realize how fortunate and blessed you are to have so much at such a young age. Honor what you have been given.

Some of us work our butts off our whole life and never have as much as you have now at your tender age.

Enjoy the bike, take care of it (sounds like you have a good handle on things) and ride it like a champion. It is an incredible bike.....one that I believe will stand the test of time as an all time great bike.

Now the Scotts one, is like 60 bucks. If I buy that, I will just have to clean it each time, and not replace it each time? How often do you go until you usually end up replacing it with another Scotts?
The answer to your first question is yes. The answer to your second question is uncertain. The oldest of my two Scotts filters is 3 years old now. At the rate I change oil, that's about $240 worth of cheap $5 bulk bag paper filters that don't work as well in the first place. Worth it? I think so.

I changed my oil after 1st 2 rides. My first ride was a blend between a short breakin ride close to my house 45min and then a 3 hour ride in the woods, riding a little slower and conservatively (remember, your breaking in the braking system, the suspension and the transmission as well). My second ride was about 4 hours. So roughly about 8 hours out riding, which is probably 6-7 hours on an hour meter. The oil wasn't too bad but their were small metasl shavings. I wish I would have changed the oil after that first 3 1/2 hours of riding/breakin. Changing your oil and keeping the filter clean (go buy a 2nd and even a 3rd air filter) are so simple and yet so crucial.

Congrats on the new bike!

Alright. I will pick up a Scotts then.

Now, I started my bike in my garage before breaking it in, just for a minute or less. Didn't rev it too high, just a little bit. Did I do any damage? I just started it and let it idle really...

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