Suspension question

I recently bought a used '03 125 SX, and i want to get a new front suspension that i found on ebay, but it is for a 2002. So i was wondering if anybody knows if it would fit my bike? Oh and the bike is AWESOME! :thumbsup:

I'm not sure of the specifics on the 125's,however. Things to check are,if both sets of forks are 48mm and there could be a front axle difference. I know the front axle on my 2 bikes are different size from 02 to 04.

02 had 43mm forks and 03 had 48 mm. Front axles changed those years too, but you can change the bearings to make it work for the front wheel.

It won't work anyway because the 02 has the 43 MM forks and you have 48's.

Just have your front end re-valved.

if its the whole triple clamp assembly it might fit

It might but why go back to a 02 front end.

The axle was smaller and flexed a lot. Also the 02 forks were never all that great anyway. Not to mention that you would be spending money to lower the value of an 03 bike. Kinda going the wrong way there IMO.

maybe it is a revalved~aftermarket peice...maybe

maybe it is a revalved~aftermarket peice...maybe

this is what i was thinking, and you can still swap back to stock when you want to sell

The only way you can put these forks on is to swap the triple clamp. Remember, the 02's are 43MM and the 03 has 48's.

Also the axle is smaller on the 02. More work to use the 02 forks then it would be worth no matter how great the valving was in the 02 fork.

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