First pics of YELLOW project

Got a bug up my butt and ordered yellow plastics, mounted my damper inthe low (fender) positions (sub mount damper mount was too tall), installed new bar risrs and my Flexx bars. Oh and the seat cover is mucho nice..... More pics to come....this is prior to moving the damper, will post the damper pics in the AM :thumbsup:

Yellow N Blue

Looks nice,very nice,man i wish i had an aluminium frame,deffinitly easier to change color!

I want to do the Hurricane graphics kit on my YZ 125 and 250 so badddddd.......but I don't feel up to taking 2 bikes completely apart to paint the frames and I think they look cheesy if you don't paint the frame an aluminum color.

I am still pissed at Yamaha for changing from Yellow. Your bike looks great.

Does anyone remember the few years when YZ's were white?

White YZ's, Yellow YZ's, both better than Blue. I have to say Yamaha has the worst looking bike in my opinion, and what you're doing it turning it into the best looking bike. Nice job man.

I love the yellow yamis. Nice bike.

Anyone got pics of what the bike would look like with yellow fenders and shrouds and the stock blue tank?

Your bike looks great, and the yellow and blue look great together, just curious how the tank would fit in if it wasnt changed (on an '06 250) as thats the big $$$$$ item

Nice looking ride :thumbsup: .

looks great. whered you find those black yamaha stickers at. i couldn't find them anywhere. and i need one front and rear to "complete" my conversion

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