I have the oppurtunity to test drive something orange

Well I was at the local bikeshow. Pearsons airport toronto ways. The bike show was mostly cruisers so I took advantage of every oppurtunity to look at the few MX bikes. One orange bike caught my eye, a sx125 I guess it was. The bike belonged to a ktm dealership and I was speaking with a clothing rep. Turns out on april 23rd they are having a open test ride day. All I gota do is call up monday and reserve my spot.

Even though I can't get another bike I'm obviously not going to give up the chance to ride a MXer. Likely a smoker. I'm thinking I want to try out the 125 and the 200exc. Atleast budy reccomended the 200exc to me. Really I know little about KTM's and I've only ridden a 1991 rm125, thats as close as I've been to motocross. I'm all trail.

If nothing else this should give me a better understanding of what its like to ride a new 125. I don't think I would go orange though. Maybe..... :confused::thumbsup:

In other news...

Some shifty dood was selling china knockoffs. I was looking over the horrible construction when I noticed two bikes with the EXACT same engine had different exhaust pipes. Not minor, majour. I'm talking one had a 2 stroke pipe with expansion champer and one had a 4 stroke pipe. &%$#@!??? :thumbsup:

So I ask the sails man, in a sorta dummy way to pretend I know nothing. "Hey so are these 4 strokes or 2 strokes?" "They are 4strokes." "Yea so why does one have a 2stroke pipe???" "Oh because its meant for beginners, there is actually restricter plates in there" "Yea, right budy, and those are quality bikes your selling..." So I walk off.

Are people that gullable? The messed up bike actually had "Motocrosser" written on it. I figure they slapped that pipe on as a sales pitch.

That 200EXC is one hell of a woods bike...I wish I could afford one.

you'll like the 200exc better than the 125.if i were going to get a 2 smoke again the 200exc would be something i'd look at

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