Just bought 05 YZ250

I've been looking for a good Yamaha for a few weeks now and I was very close to purchasing an 04 YZ450 for about $4k but the guy wouldnt go down on price at all. So I came across an 05 YZ250 that I got from a dealer for $4k OTD. I'm very happy with the deal, they even gave me a heafty discount on some new gear. The only downside with the bike is it has some crappy decals on the plastics so I will be replacing those.

My question is... Where can I find some kick-ass decals for my new plastics and wheres a good place online to find parts for my 250? Are there any particular upgrades that I should go for first? The entire bike is pretty much stock right now. Also, I need to find a service manual for this thing, anyone know where I can come across one?

I'm totally pumped about this bike and can't wait to take it on the track. :thumbsup:

Congrats on the new bike. And for the main website I go to is www.motosport.com

www.btosports.com i just order graphics from there they have a wide selection

I normally recommend folks buy from TT. Their a good store and are very easy to deal with.

I just picked up a full set of Team Yamaha decals made by One Industries. Cyclegear.com just opened a store in my area. I liked the set and it was marked 189.99. I decided to get them.

They rang it up and the kit came to 89.99. It was on some sort of close out sale. It included everything. Even the seat cover.

N Style makes sweet graphics, $130 for the graphics and cover.

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