Taking close whoops on a quad...

On some of the bigger whoops, I can get into a rythym and triple in and double them through and out. But what about fresh whoops that are just a hair shorter than the wheel base, say 46"? I'm riding a quad if that makes a difference. The whoops I'm talking about are 18" from the peaks to the trafts. I've been watching alot of guys at our track try to hit them only to get augered or endo. Seems no one has really punched them yet. There are 22 peaks. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


ummm, not too sure on a quad, but on whoops like that, i try to just get back on the bike and carry enough speed to skim the tops. i'm not sure if thats the way you're supposed to do it, but it seems to work.

22 are a lot of whoops. Try jumping in and skipping the first few and jump out and over the next few etc until your out of them.

depending on entry speed, 22 whoops might take 5 jumps. Remember, hold 1/2 throttle and weight back over the rear. Keep the front end light. :thumbsup:

Thanks all. I didn't know about holding half throttle. It seems that the clutch and throttle timing is different on a quad.


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