My WR feels as it has no compression when kickstarting it after rod replacement.

My wr250 2002 had a breakdown because the oil wasnt getting to the motor.

It started making a "clank" noise.

The mechanic diagnosted a messed up rod, I did notice a lot of play on the rod when he opened up the motor; but i couldnt verify that he indeed changed the rod neither if he used original parts `cause when i arrived the bike was already put back together.

He said he had put a new rod kit (rod, pin, bearing) and tha the rest of the parts were ok but that the valves needed to be worked upon becaquse they were topping out, or something like that, you have to forgive me but im a noob at this.

It worked fine when i left the shop so i took it for a ride to break in the valves, and after the 1 hour medium-easyhard ride on open roads i just couldnt get it started again because the kickstart felt as if it lost its compression feeling really loose.

During the ride i had to kickstart it a few times and it was hard as usual, hard to the point were you cant push it further unless you use the compression lever, but after the ride it was very loose (loose enough to move it by hand).

I bump started it and the guy said that the bike was ok and that it was my fault for not breaking it down correctly.

He fired it up using the kickstart a couple of times, but he had a hell of a time doing so. (Before this problem ocurred it was really easy to start the bike.)

He said that it was impossible for the bike to feel as it did before, but that that didn`t mean that something was wrong; he said as an example that the carb was running richer on fuel because it was better for the break in period and the looser compression kickstart feeling was another thing that changed, but that it didnt mean that the bike was messed up.

He said that if the bike had something messed up it should be my fault cause he gave it to me working ok, which i believe is Bullshit.

Here is what i think, but since i dont know much im asking for your opinion:

1)The mechanic did a cheap Mexican style work not using good parts.

2) He didnt set up all the parts of the motor correctly. (valves? Cam?)

3) Something else got messed up when the bike wasnt running oil in the motor besides the rod. (piston, rings)

4) Since the bike seems to run ok, maybe its something concerning just the kickstart or the compression lever?

5) The bike wasn`t broken in correctly.

6) I messed something up when i pressed the compression lever by mistake once shutting off the bike.

As a recap :

The kickstart feels very loose (not a usual thing on my bike), Its very dificult to kickstart it but when you do start it it runs ok, It`running very rich on fuel, after the 1st ride I noticed some smoke coming out of the seat (air filter). The bike leaves very scarse drips of oil just behind the front tire.

I noticed some clear smoke coming out of the exhaust when he was testing it at the shop ( something i had never noticed on the bike)

I need help on these cause on monday i`ll take my bike to another shop cause i have been told many bad stories about the 1st mech who worked on my bike.

I would like to have an idea on what might be the issue that caused these sudden changes of my bike so that i understand what the new mech will look for or have to work on the bike.

Im holding on to the mechanic`s payment until i figure out just whats wrong with my bike, he was kind of rude since the beggining so i wont pay up his work until i feel confident that a good work was done on my bike.

That why I would like to listen to someone more experienced opinion on the matter to see if this might be my fault because of a bad breaking in on the bike,or if just seems as the mech did a lousy job.

Go and check the valve clearence on your bike and see if the valves are tight, That would cause a compression loss and hard starting. Trust me I know I have a honda :thumbsup:

If the mechanic actually said any one of the things that you quoted him to say, then you definitely took it to the wrong guy.

If the mechanic actually said any one of the things that you quoted him to say, then you definitely took it to the wrong guy.

By the way, am I the only person on the whole internet that knows how to spell definitely?

I can spell "definitely" :thumbsup::thumbsup:

If the mechanic actually said any one of the things that you quoted him to say, then you definitely took it to the wrong guy.

Thanks that`s the kind of answers i need to get.

Im new in town so i took some advice from other riders as of who the best mech around was...

But he plainly sucks... he has so much work he`s very harsh and rude.

I`ll have to wait until the other shop`s mech sees my bike.

It seems as the valve job the first mech did wasn`t done right... thats why thee was smoke coming out of the air filter.

By the way, am I the only person on the whole internet that knows how to spell definitely?
Definitely not.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm having the same problems with my motor with the exception that I don't let other people work on it.

You need to have a very reliable and reputable person, that you know and trust, to do that kind of work.

If you noticed a loss of compression, you have big time problems, and it doesn't have anything to do with the way you broke her in. Compression is the big kahuna when it comes to diagnosing internal motor failures. :thumbsup:

Get it to the right guy, and do the research and learning that you need so you know whats going on, and maybe next time do it your self :thumbsup:

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