British Columbia

Hey anyone here in bc want to go riding?

also does anyone know how to get a CMA motocross licence

and is agassiz and mission mx tracks open on the weekdays?

Also has anyone been to Agrifair Arena, Abbotsford is it a good track is it indoor or outdoor and how much does it cost to get in also is it open to the public on weekdays?

You can get a CMA license by signing up for one at the track when they are open. That answers your 2nd question... The track are only open on sanctioned days... I dont know if you mean the outdoor track at the Agrafair, but they frown upon ppl riding on that with a dirt bike (I would know) but the indoor one is only there when there is a need for it... other than that it's just a flat dirt stadium.

If you are going to be able to ride today (Sunday) I will be at the Veddar Canal somewhere after 1:00 PM with my CR500.

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