Aged fuel

Hey guys,


Got a quick question. Im goin for a ride tommorow and i have a full tank of fuel/premix. I was wondering if its alright to just ride on this. Its been sitting there for about a month.

If its no to bad then ill just use it but if its going to be better for the motor ect to change it then i will. :confused::bonk:

Does it do anything to the engine if its a little old?


Nic :thumbsup:

I would just get some fresh gas. the mix won't be the best as the oil has probaly settled down. mix up some more.


Unless you are riding with Bubba and Ricky today, the billionith % of quality the fuel has lost isn't going to make a difference. If it smells rotten, then by all means replace it otherwise give it a shake and ride...

Sitting one month in a plastic and vented fuel tank, it dont take long for fuel to age in these conditions! I personally wouldnt run it in my bike. But if you do, at least give it a good shake to make sure the oil hasnt settled.

Just shake it up and ride.Some people say put a *TINY* bit of fresh gas in there and then shake it up.

I would delute it about 50/50 w/ fresh fuel. :thumbsup:

I rode with month old gas the other day, and the smoke smelled really weird and it left tons of powdery carbon in my silencer, I changed the gas and it went away.

I would add some fresh gas if you can, and def. shake it up before you run it. If it starts pinging really badly or acting weird, change it.

A month isnt too bad I wouldnt worry. And on the shaking thing , it certainly wont hurt and we all do it , but the only time premix needs to be shaken up is when you are first mixing it. The oil and gas are mixed pemanently after that , the oil does not settle.

One way to stop this is to use a little StaBil fuel stabilizer. I had a boat once that had all kinds of carb issues and ran like crap. I had to siphon out 17.5 gallons of gas that had been in there over a year (probably more like 2-3 from the previous owner). After that, I used StaBil and could let it sit for 6 months at a time with zero carb/idling issues. I'm sold on it. I use it for all my small engines that don't get used all the time.

Go ahead and run it.

just shake it and ride

Just use it. I've never had any problems even when my bike sits for a month or so. Always starts 1st kick without any issues.

Oil does settle, so shake it up. Gas evaporates and leaves oil behind after you leave it a while too. So the carb might be kind of sticky.

Dont say that... People think that oil magicly stays mixxed 100% in gas like tea does in water...

Its more like suger in Kool-aid, it does need a good shaking after awhile. Even pro teams shake the fuel before puring, so go figure.

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