Aged Fuel. New And Improved

Hey guys,


Got a quick question. Im goin for a ride tommorow and i have a full tank of fuel/premix. I was wondering if its alright to just ride on this. Its been sitting there for about a month.

If its no to bad then ill just use it but if its going to be better for the motor ect to change it then i will. :confused:

Does it do anything to the engine if its a little old?


Nic :thumbsup:

If it starts run it is my moto!!

Ya that should be fine.Its when its 2 months old when it begins to be a problem.

yea if its over 2 1/2 months its bad but in your case....your good to go :thumbsup:

Preferably you should use fresh stuff, but it shouldn't actually hurt anything. I know I've run fuel in 2-strokes that had been mixed about a month and it never hurt anything.

Supposedly, the oil can help to lower the octane rating a bit more rapidly, but I've never actually seen it become a problem unless it had been mixed a really long time.

should ask this in one of the 2-stroke sections.

shake the bike back and forth so the gas mixes around.

thats what I do even if the gas has only been sitting in the tank for a few days. Its not a bad idea to mix it up after its been sitting in the tank.

My buddy says that after 2 months straight gas will only lose 1-2% of its octane.

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