drz 400 s

i just brought a drz 400 s and it seems very high geared.

my last few bikes were motorcross 2 strokes

and great for bush and hill climbs..

i did some steep hills today and the tyre spun all the way up,

so i will changing the back tyre for sure.

i was also thinking of putting on a 13 tooth front sprocket to make those

hills a bit easyer..

was wondering how much top end speed i will loose as i ride

on the freeway to get to the bush tracks so i dont want to

rev the guts out of my new bike

any help would be great

Sparko, you will get a wide variety of advice on sprocket sizes from folks here. Here is what I have learned about my 400S.

The stock gearing (15/44) is too high for off-roading. I decided to try going to a 14/47 setup first. It was pretty good for offroading, but a little too low for me. It revs out really quick and first gear is almost useless.

So, then I went back to a 15 front, and kept the 47 on the rear. I really like it. It will climb anything I point it at, but doesnt rev up too quick. For me, its the perfect setup. Hope that helps ya some.

I know some people who ride really tight woodsy stuff have gone with the 13 on the front, but for me, that seems like overkill.

Oh yea, and Welcome to TT

I run a 14 tooth front and it works good.

Went with 14/44 and it works well overall.

On the highway I cruise @ 90-100km/hr and it is not annoying at all.

If I was doing tight bush this would be too high of gearing but I don't.

am ruining 14/47 just perfect for everything. tight woods no problem, 100mph cruse no problem, and everywhere in the middle......

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