this is fun

nice... i wish i could do one that good or actually do one at all. i either just spin the back tire or get scared thinking i'm going to flip backwards if i hit it to hard.



Nice! I have exactly the same problem. It is like it takes a few more R's to get into the power for fourth to keep it up. (That's what I keep telling her!!) Even though you blip it to a little over the balance point as you shift 4th just does not hold it up if the front starts down. I can lift the front in 4th with a small jerk back and clutch and it will come right up, but drop back when I go to 5th. 1st to 2nd is a freaking B*&%$ because it is too twitchy. 2nd to 3rd is the best or just twist it up in third. That staning seat riding is awesome/fawking nuts, and obviously the old boy is a wheelie master. That is pure balance regardless of power or gear!!!!!

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