Moving to Maryland, keep or sell my 06 E?

I have a 100% street legal 2006 DRZ400e, registered, titled and insured in the state of Hawaii. I'm going to Maryland later this year. I would like to take my bike, but not if I cant ride it on the street. Are there any MD riders here that have run into problems registering their bike? I have a steel SM gas tank I can run if that will make a difference.

Should I sell it or keep it?

Thanks guys,


Sell it to me really cheap.

Bring it. :thumbsup: If you have a title, it is easy to register an off road bike in MD.


I'm curious...what's it cost to ship a bike to the mainland?

When I lived in Maryland, I managed to plate an E, even though I bought it out of state, and the title said "Off Road Only".They didn't like it, but it's in their books. Yours should zip right through. PM me is you need help :thumbsup:

Thanks guys. I'll bring it with me. As far as shipping goes, I'm not sure about the bike itself. I'm just going to put it in the container with the rest of my stuff.

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