'05 or '06 decision

Sold the TTR 250 yesterday and turning Red. It was a great bike to get me back in the saddle after 15 years, but I am ready to step up and pull the trigger on a 250X. My question... I can still get a new '05 or '06 from the dealer. I have done a lot of reading but am asking for help to determine if it is worth $500 more to go '06. I know there are some minor tweaks in setup that I would probably never notice at my skill level, but it also seems that there were some changes to improve the dreaded v-word issue. Also new to TT. Cool site. Thanks for the input.

I'd go 06, I have a 04 and had to get new head after I had swamped it. Honda rep said they were having problems with mousture 04 and 05 models and in 06 added material to the head for better valve seating to remedy this. I love my X and am getting anonther one soon. Welcome to team RED

go with the 06.

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