Even pros can have bad suspension

I got this off of the GNCC website and thought it was pretty interesting. Shows how even pros with all there resources can have trouble getting things dialed in.

"On the other end of the coin, Charlie’s teammate Barry Hawk is struggling. Just like last season, Hawk is bouncing around with the wrong suspension set up. I saw Barry after the race and he looked absolutely spent – it was the most tired I’ve ever seen him, and he admitted he was whooped. Barry is training – no doubt about that. But it’s not coming together for him. After doing his testing at Randy Hawkins’ house in South Carolina, Barry has decided to come home to Pennsylvania to start his suspension testing again there. Last year he did that same thing and showed up to the races on fire. Lets hope it happens again."

Who does his suspension? He's been doing this for a while you think he would have a better handle on it.

i believe that he has factory connection suspension. I race hare scrambles and finding a good all around setup is difficult. You have to have it soft enough for rough tight single track, but many of the courses have a mx track so it must also be able to hand the jumps. It is a fine line and often times a compomise between settings.

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